Social psychiatric institution for mentally ill adults
View of the Allgäu Alps

The Haus am Blender is a social psychiatric institution in the Allgäu for chronically mentally ill adults and addicts. We care for 50 to 60 patients without firm domicile, without job and with few social relations, who aren't able to live independently or in a welfare center. For some patients, living now in the Haus am Blender, a change of location was convenient, because of their former social surrounding. Moreover we see ourselves as an institution for the aftercare for patients from forensic wards of psychiatric hospitals (§§ 61-63 STGB).

The Haus am Blender is located in the rural community of Buchenberg (welfare-climatic area), about ten kilometers western of Kempten. Our patients mainly come from the region of Swabia and southern Bavaria, but also from Baden-Württemberg.

A winter dawn Haus Am Blender is located in the midst of nature.

Requirements for admission
Locally or temporary lost of orientation , severe physical handicap, acute drug addiction, missing attitude of abstinence.

Dr. rer. pol. Bernhard C. Reck

Eschachberg 130 1/2
87474 Buchenberg
Tel:08370/242 , Monday - Sunday: 8 - 12 h, 13.30 - 16 h

Update: February 2010